Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Capricorn Men

Well i dont ve words to praise a capricorn guy lol.He is sober,
serious,sophisticated, sensual, arrogant and classy in short. He is like a wine who improves with age.His biggest necessity is success and self development at all cost. He is generally shy and reserved and dont talk much. But when he talks people listen. He is very witty and only people like aquarius and gemini can dare to mess with him verbally.

A capricorn guy is very energetic and doesnt know anything about taking rest. He takes rest only when it becomes physically impossible for him to work any more. He is the most hard working among all sunsigns. He has tunnel eye view and highly task oriented. Once he selects a goal, he is totally preoccupied with the task unless and until the task is successfully completed.

By nature capricorn guy is not romantic but to please his partner he will do any thing from buying a bunch of flowers to candel light
dinner. He probably will take help of a cancerian guy who is an expert in romancing.

Biggest problem in his life is to create a balance between his
work and personal life. He wants to achieve his goals and at the same time wants to spend quality time with his partner also.

A Capricorn guy is attracted to a girl who is sexy esp with heavy
breast and a great body. (thinks wat he will squeeze and suck in bed lol). Flat chested or skinny girls can become good or even best friends depending on their intelligence, communication skills and other personality traits. But spouse/ girl friend, no way..........

The first thing that get his attention is the body. Remember capricorns r body concious people and they r generally in shape if not muscular. If they r fat then it means they r too busy to work out but they always have this feeling in their mind that they r fat and they need to be in shape and will try hard to cut down calories and fat.....So if u r fat then the chances r very less that u will atrract a capricorn guy...Sorry:(.......

U can woo a capricorn guy first by ur body and then by ur overall
personality. U need to be independent and at the same time should love to be depended on him.......If u ask me, virgos r expert in getting a cappy guy. There killer looks, beautiful smile, great body and open willingess to befriend/mate makes him crazy.

Capricorn guy gives up quickly on hard to get girls. Since he is
practical and very busy, he doesnt think twice before moving on. So if u r used to throwing tantrums or playing mind games u r fooling urself and not him. He wont wait 4 u long. Get ready 4 multiple orgasm when in bed with him. He can/will fuck u all night.He will do everything to please u from oral to anal sex.

Capricorns r loyal, trust worthy, responsible and honest people and so is he.....He cant flirt. Infact he doesnt know whether he is flirting or not lol.

Capricorn guys r attractive, dashing,smart and very successful.
cappy guys r not social, so u will usually not find them in parties or clubs..Then where u can find them??????????U can find them at the place where u can find all capricorn girls also.............silly thats their work place. u can easily find them in business meetings, corporate parties, conferences, seminars and all those boring places u can think of, like library lol.

Capricorn guy is materialistic. He generally thinks of money, flashy cars, success and more success.He is pretentious and doesnt mix up with every body. Quite selective when picking up friends esp girl friend. He wants her girl friend to be something to be proud of. With whom he can show the world that how good is his choice.Look at her, she is mine. She is not my wife, she is my pride :)


ClotairE said...

haha, this makes me fell really good to be a Cancer girlfriend to a Capricorn. We're just starting out though...any advice?

**su** said...

i had a capri bf bt then we broke up due to sm misunderstandings... m a gemini n can u plz tell me sm solutions on to how can we get back to each other.. i still luv him a lot!!!

Kundalini said...

Hummm! I'm a Libra Woman involved with a Capricorn Man. All I can say is Interesting! Capricorn's can appear to be cold hearted at times but I found out just by observation, they're only like that when there are important goals to be met. They keep you at a distance because truth of the matter is that they feel a relationship would be a distraction. They go through this magnetic, repelling phase with the person they're with to keep the eye on the goal. The interesting part is when a connection occur, it's not hard at all to feel his emotions or feelings for you. They want Love just like everbody else only with restrictions so that they'll stay Focused on the goal/dream. All in all Capricorn Men or at least the one I'm with, are Beautiful, Lovable Beings. The Key Is Knowing Them By Sunsign, what to look for or expect is always good. Study each sign whether you are in or just starting a relationship!

rhonda4411 said...

I really think I am in for an amazing ride. I have just started dating a Cappy man and everything I have read has been so true about him. We met 4 months ago and I was just coming out of a turbulent relationship with a Libra man, I know very bad match-up! Mr. Cappy was so patient with me. We kept trying to start this relationship but could never get it right, my heart was still with Mr. Libra whom I finally realized was not right for me. Cappy and I have finally agreed to make a run for it and I am so glad I made that decision. He is smart, sexy, devoted to his work, successful, and yes he puts home and family first. I also have to say our sex is very practical, much different from the Libra but it's off the chain. I was a little affraid in the beginning because he is so much bigger than me. I am only 5'2" and he's 6'5", need I say more!!!

Ara said...

I'm a taurus female pursued by a capricorn male. He is aloof, too affectionate, weird, unusually bold for a cap male (or maybe he is lying about his zodiac sign), he is sarcastic, he expects intimacy after one month only (has not even taken me out to dinner), he visits me at home where I observe his behaviour (too lascivious, gross), now he calls me every day when before he calls then not call for days. He is a headcase. And oh his desire for sex when we hardly know each other is revolting. He is really good looking, muscled body, tall, looks dashing, deep, very sharp but oh the way he dresses is awful. And his dirty hat is gross. He is so secretive, won't tell me his age. I'm about to block his number. His behaviour is disgusting. Very grabby. I have to ask him to behave.

Ara said...

And Mr. Cap expresses feelings for me now in a subtle way. I don't understand him at all. He calls me every day now but won't take me on a date but speaks of our secret love place, which he describes to be beautiful. He is strange. I don't know any secret love place. I told him I won't go to bed with him. And he acts like Jim Carrey. He constructs homes. I like part of him but the rest of him is a throw-back. Oh his lasciviousness revolts me. And he seems cheap no? He has no desire to take a lady to dinner. Expects to have sex. Dear God. (Taurus Female).

Aruna said...

Hey Himanshu,

Tht was so sweet,I am a Gemini Girl madly in Love with Capricorn Boy...We are in a serious u knw we both value relationship...What u wrote is so much true.....

Can u give me ur email id so that I can mail u if i need any advice...It will be of great u knw so much abt cparicorn....I can do anythng pssble on ths Earth 4 him...

Sharnae Nicole said...
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ShUjA said...
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eROS eROS said...

This is the best article on the Capricorn man ! BY FAR !, I found most of it True

Thanx !

Bukiwe Mabona said...

No ways that u will get bck, u talk 2 much

devotion said...

hi! i am a capricorn boy born on 25 december 1993.this all i read is very much true.we capricorn boys are too much loyal ,romantic,honest,emotional.i being a very sentimental capricorn wish to have a girl who posses as sacred qualities as a pisces girl. not proud really but being naturally handsome i attract girls easily even i refrain from girls too much.even i see a girl i see her character first.
i truelly never make a girlfriend,though i fall in love many time firstly in class 2nd.but i never see a sweet and pour character in them. i often cry ,become in deep depression situation because this reason.
i will not put money before my beloved as some says that caps are too materlistic.
few dys ago i read about pisces girls.i feel so much consolation i cant explain.but when i read about their backside -cheating,heartbreakers.i become extremely confused.if you have knowledge of this subject.please please tell me.thanks !!!!!!!

Madeline Showalter said...

I'm a pisces girl, also from 1993. I've never cheated (though been cheated and taken advantage of many times). Still, I can't close off my heart to the world. When I love a man it's 100% unconditional and no one else may woo me.

I would consider myself a heartbreaker though. I think this has to do with Pisces women being so alluring to the majority of men, they fall for us so quickly. and we truly do get scared away easily and will break things off, thus being known as a heartbreaker.

I've been dating a Capricorn for about a month now. He's definitely playing games to test me. It sucks because I'm ready to serve him my heart on a platter and he doesn't want to open up yet at all. I'm beyond frustrated with his laphadasical nature and slow moving. He never invites me over, I have to invite myself. He never texts me first, I text him. He never takes me out, yet blew nearly $400 when we went shopping together. I feel like he's Taking advantage of me, even though I can realize it's his nature. I'm really trying to be patient.. the other day when I saw him he gave me this look: he looked into my eyes (which he Normally seems to have trouble with) and to me it felt like he was pleading me for something... He looked almost pained. If I'm patient and he decides to open up to me will he be less self centered, or will he always be this way? I'm too selfless to deal with it for a lifetime.

(My dad is Scorpio (water sign like me :) and has had a hard time with a cap woman playing games and Taking advantage of him for 6 years now, and they are in their 50s and 60s! When I told him about this new guy he pretty much said RUN! Haha.)

alex velez said...

Wow thats deep but caps like me arnt going to open that quick u have to take time knowing him because he doesnt know you so try to build a bridge between u nd him first get to know his ways like for example what he like or do

Cappy in Seattle said...

39-year-young Cappy here. Us Cappies need a patient prospective partner.. especially in the beginning. Caps typically trust themselves and are skeptical of everyone else. We need to see that this person is definitely one to be trusted before we'll open up.. but once we do, I've always been told that our hearts mimick a blooming onion surrounded by college kids after they've smoked two bowls, before the ball game.. we peel quickly once it we finally let go. Unfortunately if you've met a cappy thats been previously burned, your chances of a breakthru are much less likely, in my humble yada yada.

As far as being self centered. I think we're very self intererested... less so self centered. I believe there is a difference. I feel inherently self interested but also (perhaps for many cappies) extremely selfless with a heart for others bigger than mosts.

I love being a Cappy. I hope to find someone someday that gets me... they'll be rewarded beyond their wildest. We secretly yearn for love and connections to another, at depths only some are even capable of reaching.

Good Luck.

Linda Burgess said...

That's so freakin mean. I'm a Gemini and I love a capricorn man. We may very well
Talk too much but damit. We have feelings too. I love mine.

GemScorp said...

Do you live in VA? This sounds like my Cappy.....

GemScorp said...

I need a bit of advice from you. I've been "dating" a Cap guy for 6 months and it's been an emotional roller coaster to say the least. I'm a gem sun cap moon Virgo rising and I know I've opened myself up to show I'm here for him and have his back. I'm 37 and he is 35. We have goals and personal interest in common. We are both owners of contracting companies, which is how we met and bonded. His attitude goes from hot to cold on a weekly basis and when I think I've finally broken the "cap barrier," he shows me the race is still on lol! We have sex probably once a month and when we do it's like magic! But, oddly enough we see each other at least 3-4 times a week for lunch and our personalities are a perfect match. I'm not used to the sexually emotional detachment in this relationship. I want to be intimate more, but he pushes me away and then when I oblige he pulls me in tight, it's confusing me! He tells me he wants me in his life forever, but his actions say other wise sometimes..... Lately the lunch dates have slowed and he doesn't call as much and when I asked what was wrong, he says he is busy with three houses. If this was how he was all the time I would believe it, but he's been busier and have always made time for me. Have he found someone else or not interested in us anymore? I want this relationship to work, so do you have any advise to turn this around? Thanks!

pratik singh said...

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diana last said...

So wait... Cappy men don't date flat chested women? I really don't think so. I mean there is a big difference between flat chested and small breasts. I would like to know, coming from a cappy man, if this is true. Would you prefer skinny, small breasts, intelligent, funny, and good looking? Or normal to big breasts, funny, intelligent, and good looking? Cause I don't think cappy men are like cancer men.. I mean cancer men really do care for full breasts. And the women have to be smart, and good looking

Richard Gumsley said...

Interesting post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting.
virgo sign


If u want to share in his kingdom/empire u might want to hold on.Oh yea us caps will test u with fire and you'll either burn like straw or pass straight thru.We need to kno if our partners are temporary or true to be loved forever.Yea he's probably building you all a kingdom and wouldn't nothing hurt him more then you not to be there but you're not being there would also let him kno that he didn't make a bad choice.


If u want to share in his kingdom/empire u might want to hold on.Oh yea us caps will test u with fire and you'll either burn like straw or pass straight thru.We need to kno if our partners are temporary or true to be loved forever.Yea he's probably building you all a kingdom and wouldn't nothing hurt him more then you not to be there but you're not being there would also let him kno that he didn't make a bad choice.

aud geo said...

I met this cappy guy on tinder 6months back. We hit it off well. In the beginning he was so much into me. He used to compliments me and always asked me to be his gf. We both live in different countries. He asked me to come down to his country. So i went there but not in his city. We met in another city where i was staying.We met for lunch and spent whole day. When he talked to me he never made eye contact and always looked serious. But later he was comfortable and felt bad when i was leaving him. He said he had a good time and would love to meet me again. He says that he wants me to come back a again for next vacations to his city where he wanna take me out and show me around and introduce me to his friends.

Problem is that. He is less affectionate and rarely shares his feelings to me. When i talk to him on starting a realtionship with me he pulls back n stops textin me or gets in an arguement with me. Then i dont wanna show myself to be desperate or clingy so i dont push him. But next day he texts me again out of the blue telling me that, he likes me and wants me to be his gf but wants to take things slow. He also says that he fears making commitment coz he got his heart broken before from a 4yrs relationship. He is workaholic as well so is busy most of the time. When he is in a good mood he is all mushy with me texting me all the time acting like a father and treats me like his girl. I feel secured and get swayed aways easily. But later he gets all cold and distant. Left me thinking why is does this to me? I dont confront him much coz he hates that. I try to play it cool as if everything is normal and giving him space. He hurts me alot sometimes with his erratic behaviour n doesnt even care how i feel. I feel like i am the one who makes alot of efforts here, trying to understand him and go according to his ways. Will he ever propose me? Or is he just playing with my feelings by not commiting? Is it safe to travel to his city alone? I see that he never cares about my feelings. I feel skeptical and dont feel secure coz he dont expresses his feelings. Is he worth waiting or am i just wasting my time? Please help me on this..

Source: his sun in cap, asc in sag, moon in pisces, venus in scorpio.

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Ankesh Tiwari said...

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Misstinkablelibra said...

I'm a libra with a capricorn and right now he is being cold hearted ,any advise on what I should do?

Misstinkablelibra said...

I'm a libra with a capricorn and right now he is being cold hearted ,any advise on what I should do?

xblogger said...

i'm a Sagittarius with a Capricorn man, i m dating him for more than 1 yr, initially he was too good, but after sometime he started distancing, now he give mix feeling, one side he is saying we are not going to get married because my parents will not allow, and other side he has maintain normal relationship with me. he don't want me to introduce to his family, but he keeps telling me to introduce him in my family as friend. what should i do?? whether i should wait for me, or i should try to forget him, because i really love him.

Danny Gonzalez said...
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Ocavi Cabavi said...

Yes,the Capricorn boys are so attractive, see the celebrities who are of this sign and you can see how hot they are..but usually they are very cold and hard to date. This boy are so difficult to fall in love with any girl, so if u love a Capricorn man need to be sooooo patience and stay always to him.

Ocavi Cabavi said...

Yes,the Capricorn boys are so attractive, see the celebrities who are of this sign and you can see how hot they are..but usually they are very cold and hard to date. This boy are so difficult to fall in love with any girl, so if u love a Capricorn man need to be sooooo patience and stay always to him.

Unknown said...

Hi friends how are u hope all are doing well

Mix said...

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Promise Chisom said...

Well take your time it's not easy am also with a copy and we met in school that is just a Capricorn man for you please take it easy he would open up.He is just trying to get to know you more because they plan towards the future and does no want to regrate later on.

Mila said...

Run for the hills fast most Capricorn men are sociopaths.

Asal said...

Yep. Been there too. They are not who you think they are, girl.