Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Aquarius Girls- My favorite

Hummm Aquarius is my favorite sun sign. I dont know exactly y. May be bacause it suits my requirements lol.

Advantage of having an aquarius girl friend.

Well she is not so demanding. She will give u tons of space. She is happy in her own world. She is lively, cheerful, so wont bore u either.Since Aquarius is a sign of genius. She will pick up things very fast. Once u will tell her that 'honey i dont like this' or 'mutimedia messages r send like this' she will get it, once and for

U can talk on any thing under the sun with an aquarian girl. Whether its politics, science,environment, pollution, sex or anything. She will be happy to discuss. Since aquarians r social, u will get the benefit of her large friend circle esp if u r in marketing or PR. No need to roam here and there to find new friends. Select from her choosen and tested friends lol.

Now Aquarians r very hard working. This mean ur acquarian girl will work very hard in whatever she does. So u can expect awesome results in bed >:)

Now the hard part.They r hard to get and east to loose type. To woo an aquarius girl u need intelligence, honesty, some wat capriciousness and patience. Unlike a virgo girl u cant take her in ur arm on the very first date.U try this and u loose her. Best way to woo an aquarian girl is to tell her honestly wat u r. If possible get naked lol.They hate double faced people and just cant stand lie.

Now u ve befriended her. Big thing. But bigger thing is keeping the relationship with her.Since an Aquarian girl is inquistive she will try to dig out every thing about u. Once she knows u completely she will get bored.So u will have to come up with new things from time to time so that she always feel excited about u. Just when she thinks she knows u completely u come up with something which she doesnt know or expected.Thats y A guy like me is best for her lol.Although i am a capricorn. But unlike a typical capricorn i am not boring and constant. y?????????cos my moon sign is gemini. So i am a chatterbox, ever changing and unpredictable sometimes.Luckly can catch attention of an aquarius girl also B-)


rokndetermination said...

LOL this is all so true!!!! I am an Aquarius girl cancer rising and I am always very attracted to the weird and intelligent, I always have the strong urge to sex up a Gemini because they are such intellectuals and are never boring! And right when you think you have got us where you want us, we are gone! gone to find a new adventure or to just fly away because we cannot stand being tied down. Please be loyal and we will be loyal, we may flutter away to seek out new things but we will always come back excited, ready to love you, and have some fun sex! If you have an issue with us leaving for a while ask us if we want to go to somewhere new and exotic with you. We get so bored with the home life that we need more color, so please take us somewhere new as frequently as possible or show us a new hobby, or a cool bookstore, the zoo, or a new path you found in the mountains that has these pretty flowers, and we will stay with you and love you forever!!!! we are not flaky or cheaters, we just can get bored easily.

Angela said...

This is cool! I'd love getting to know you :P I'm an Aquarian,but unfortunately I don't know what planet I'm rising with 0_o But hey,I won't mind being friends with anyone.

Speaking of which,it seems like you haven't updated your blog for quite a while.Just letting you know that I've subscribed your blog through my Google Reader,just in case you'll be updating :)

Keep up with the good work!


Priyanka said...

hahah...omg!! sooo true!! I'm an aquarian girl, and wow! you totally got that right! specially the bit about us getting bored once we know everything about a person...haha...good job mate!