Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Capricorn Girls

HUmmm in short i should say they r the most boring of all sun signs. u dare to date a capricorn girl and u will repent for sure.:)) Infact a capri girl doesnt like to go out on a date. She thinks its a waste of time and money. Ok u love me and i love u.So y we should go out on a date to show people that we love each other. Thats wat she thinks.Instead i will do my pending work or clean my room.

Now capricorns r not just workholics they r work maniacas. They derive pleasure from their work. So if u want to irritate them just keep them away from their work or make them engage in something which they consider as a waste of their time like dating lol.Capricorn girls r very good in keeping a straight face. u can never
know whether she likes u or not.They r generally not social. So u wont find them in parties, clubs etc. To detect a capri girl, u will have to go 2 her workplace. U will find her there working with a happy face.

Now to woo a capri girl is useless. She generally decides who she should be with.If she likes u, she will approach u and tell u straight away without any hesitation. If she doesnt like u than there is nothing u can do about it. A Capri girl is not romantic at all. So ur flowers, chocolate, heart-shaped ballons wont work with her.Infact she is hard core practical and look for those guys who can give her financial security and stability. So obviously rich guys or guys from well to do family or who r financially sound and established in their career is her first choice.

Capi girls r affectionate and loyal but they r not able to express their love or affection. If u r a capricorn or virgo or tauras or scorpio or cancer then they r the best for u.


Rachel said...

WHAT THE HELL?! I'm a Capricorn girl and I am HIGHLY offended by this. Not only did you diss us, but you dissed us with BAD GRAMMAR! I LOVE getting romantic stuff from my boyfriend, and I love dates! What is wrong with you? You obviously got BURNED by an ex-Capricorn girlfriend/boyfriend.

european23 said...

Yeah, show him, girl!
How can you possibly talk like that about us?!
Okay, maybe we are not the funniest and craziest creatures on this earth, but we are the classiest of all women out there. We basicaly have everything - looks, intelligence, manners, just don't know how to handle us, but that is your problem. Shame you don't see how actually simple we are.

P.S. And we are not rude persons, this is just a rude article that offends us.

Have a nice day!

Dante said...
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Dante said...

I married with a Capricorn girl and every word you say, I must confess, is so true! You are so right (and fine observer) with the two posts about Capricorn girls!

Yes, indeed, Cappy girls are obsessed with their job and compulsively involved into exhausting work, they don't like to communicate (though can talk sometimes very much, but always on neutral topics: others' stories, job stories, jokes), they don't like to go out (though generally pretending they like to), to demand something affectionate from their partner. They never listen to what you tell them, always immersed in their inner world. No mutuality and empathy whatsoever, those words never existed for them.

Yes, they are intelligent (but with a huge lack of emotional intelligence and empathy: they act like androids - I don't imply they really are!), sometimes very beautiful, very seductive looking. They look sometimes like princesses - so is my girl - but ICE princesses. This is often very hard to deal with.

To understand more: I'm a Scorpio guy.

@Rachel: No ofence at all, but your remark about the bad grammar is so, so typical for a Capricorn girl! What about the substance of what the man says?

Rain said...

I have to agree with what was written here. I am a Capricorn guy and I had a Capricorn girlfriend. As soon as she knew what I did as a career, she became attracted to me, and as mentioned above, they are rather direct in their approach. She was 25 at the time, and I was 34. They say Capricorns get better with age, as they begin to live a little to make up for all the time they spent working when they were young, however, she was 25, so she was still in that stage - working, working, working! I on the other hand, was trying to loosing up and live a little, to be more friendly, open, caring and supportive. Unfortunately, having a conversation with her that involved feelings, or emotions, was rather difficult, almost impossible. It was rather cold being with her because at times (most) I never felt like she cared. We'd go out with friends and see other couples holding hands and seeing girls grab on to their man like they never wanted them to leave, but a capricorn girl, my cap girl, would prefer to stay apart and not bring too much attention to ourselves. If she did offer her hand, it was rather lifeless. No squeeze to show even a sentience of need and care. Additionally, she was rather selfish in bed, only wanting, never giving. Terrible for a capricorn guy who is happy to take the reins occasionally, but prefers to be pampered and controlled in bed. There were good times to be had with Capricorns girls, but they were few.

The plus side, they love challenges, so with a little work, in the long run I am sure they would be ok. But it would take work. Much work.

nisha said...

i'm totally offended by this and i'm 11 years old and a i always keep a straight face and i always try 2 express my true feelings 2 my pass 3 boyfriends and they laugh.
p.s i don't like 2 work its boring nd i like 2 have fun nd don't like 2 be on dates and i love getting romance

Latika Mishra said...

i feel you are personally offended by some capri girl... all you have written is rubbish!

Emma said...

this just pisses me off. I'm a capricorn. first: We work when we're young so we dont have to work when we are old. Work first then play. second: we may not be the people getting STDs in clubs but we still have a sense of humor. third: we dont like talking about emotions cause if we get hurt we become like YOU talking about how some person is horrible because they like to have finacial stability/like to work. So in all Capricorns are perfect the way they are and grow a pair instead of blubbering about how horrible some girl is on a BLOG.

Emma said...
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Nim said...

Yeah, I am a capricorn girl, I do like dates and I am outgoing. Few facts are true though. I would agree that i am workaholic and not so romantic but definitely you can't call them non-social. We can be outerworldly as well. But capricorns aren't boring, they are mysterious and believe me they are best with sensible conversations, no other girls will be as good conversationalist as a capri girl. They are professionals, and they hate to be loud or dramatic. Accepted the fact they like royalty, for me i like to say, I love Abundance of everything. Unfortunately my saggitarian ex ruined my mind like hell. Capricorn girls are a bigger deal than what you said...

SweetPo!sonbLe3d!nG said...


I would like to start off by saying that the way you view us, capricorn girls is indeed shallow. There's more than what meets the eye & I'm sure 'boring' is an inappropriate word you've used, underestimating us. Not all Cap girls are boring. And firstly, whats your definition of boring? Whatever that seems boring to you, might not necessarily spell boredom to everyone out there. It just takes the right man to bring her out of her shell, which might take some time. Thus, just because you were impatient with her, you've stereotyped all Cap girls as ''boring''?! Haha..A guy who knows her well enough would know her real worth deep down even when others view her as a monotonous object.

Moreover, you've given us the title of 'Workaholics'. Hmmm..fair enough...justifiable. BUT!! Why are we working so hard for? Money! Work=$$$$. This simple equation means so much to us because we know the value of money! Every second counts, UNLESS you're unaware of this simple fact. So, we will do whatever it takes to experience the luxury of wealth....even if it means sacrificing our time with loved ones. If you love us, you will understand why we're like this. We're doing this for our future as a couple; for the betterment of us. To tell you the truth, we do not depend on others, including our guys, for $$$. Since money spells security for us, we are naturally attracted to those who have achieved a reputable status in the society, WHILE WE OURSELVES are still striving for success. Its not that we are money-minded. We are just being practical in the sense that a rich guy= stability & also, happiness.

Yes, you would try rebelling by coming up with another statement that says ''Money can't buy you happiness''. Its true, I wun deny. However, it DOES play a part in delivering happiness. Try to imagine living a life w/o money in this technologically advanced world? You like it? I'm sure no one would like to be in that state. But what i wish to emphasize here is that, although we value $$, we are not complacent. We are contented with what we have & still strive to live better. Whereas some people out there are arrogant once they're rich! Our hearts still go out to those poor people out there in need. Get it!

Plus, we are not selfish bunch of people.You know a Cap is selfish when she has gone through lots in her life, whereby she is forced to eventually come up with a theory; a theory that states that there's no point in giving in to others when no one is even taking the initiative to give in, when no one is treating me right, when no one is bothered. A Cap girl who is HURT will exhibit this kinda negativity. But, no matter how selfish she appears to be on the outside, she is extremely SOFT on the inside. You just don't know that!

And last but not least, we ARE ROMANTIC! We talk less, but show our love through our actions, simply because actions speak louder than words. Some might not know how to express in words. However, if we say we love you, it means we LOVE YOU! What more do you want? So you're trying to say you'd prefer a girl who's good with words, showers all her love on you, tells you sweet stuff, calls you baby boy, while she cheats behind your back with other guys?!! Haha.. if that's what you want, go ahead!

In conclusion, its totally fine when you discriminate Capricorn girls with your so-called shallow knowledge/wisdom of yours. Because she ought to be happy to lose a guy who doesn't know her well enough. Whereas, a real man knows exactly the main ingredient to reveal her true identity, often misunderstood (underestimated/overestimated) by others is= PATIENCE!

If you dun possess patience, its your loss; not hers! :)
You're just losing a golden opportunity with a lovely angel. :)

samsam said...

To the person who doesnt know a Capricorn at all, we aren't shallow. Everything you somehow typed with such poor grammar is a lie! We adore the romantic things guys do; we love dates; we are the least bit snobby. Get your facts straight, sweetheart. You got everything wrong.

And please invest in a book about proper grammar, it'll benefit you.


nthabee sonono said...

i believe we caps are the most interesting its just not always work youknow1

Adya Sharma said...

what rubbish..????? im a cap. just higly opposite of what uve written..i actuaally i hate lazy..i think ur really offended by some cap. gal :?
i even love gifts du-uh ! u suck :/

Adya Sharma said...

what rubbish..????? im a cap. just higly opposite of what uve written..i actuaally i hate lazy..i think ur really offended by some cap. gal :?
i even love gifts du-uh ! u suck :/

Ktate said...
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Ktate said...

I call bullshit on all this and I'm a Capricorn female so I know what I'm talking about.
First of, @Dante. One reason @Rachel pointed out the grammar, is because it makes you look trashy and uneducated. Also, you spelled "offense" wrong.
Next, I have ADHD, and have been described as one of the craziest girls my friends have met. I've matured some as I've grown older, but I have my random spouts of fun. So boring? Out.
Next, workaholics? Oh, that's just rich. I don't even have a job. Although I am fairly focused on school. But, hey, working pays off. Maybe you should try it, sugar.
Next, going on dates? Hell, if my man doesn't take me on a date, it's gonna turn out bad for him! Us Capricorns appreciate classics like an expensive dinner. Hell yes! Let's go! And NO. I am not, at all, against dates. It gives you other male signs a chance to show us you know how to spend your money; on us ;).
Next on my list, the not social part? I have plans to go to a party this Saturday, and guess what? I was invited because I talk to the people who're throwing it. Therefore, I was being social. Seriously, honey, you're talking about FEMALE Capricorns. No matter what sign it is, we're still girls. We're gonna talk.
Next, the wooing part. Boy, you better wooing me, or you'll be outta here. But, yes, I do agree, us female Caps do generally end up deciding who we wanna be with. Uhm, pardon me, but doesn't everyone? Unless, of course, your mother decides for you. -.- So that part was slightly invalid.
Last, the affectionate and loyal part. About the only thing right in this silly blog post. But the part about not being able to express our love? ...You are clearly no expert. Had you been, you'd know us Caps are extremely physical. I'm constantly holding my man's hand, tucked into his side, playing with his hair, kissing his cheeks or lips randomly, massaging his back or neck, etc. And that's only expressing our love physically.
I could go on, however I have more important things to do... like get ready for my date with my man. Can we say excited over here!? :D

starr young said...

first of all i'm a Capricorn and I'am not boring I don't always clean my room or work all day or stay in my house all day second of all you don't know what your talking about and third of all don't be saying we Capricorns don't like to go on a date's I always go on date's with my boyfriend so obviously you don't know nothing about Capricorns trust me you don't and you have bad grammer.